julica morlok
virtual materiality soft ceramics waiting landscapes positive restrictions ecco leather aged colour swarovski lightcolour subculture laundry bench sit&play soap dispenser modular shelf ||| modular shelf [] material trials

By observation of my immediate surrounding, analysing our social structures and behaviours I develop product and space concepts. In my work I am merging the different design fields of product, textile and interior.

My concept development process is always going hand in hand with experimental, intuitive realisations.

Understanding different qualities of materials and colours and being guided by it, is an important aspect here. Quick reaction on materiality’, colour and space are necessary and can start with unrealistic sketch like creations that later get rationalized and translated into the real.

With my work I create interactive, atmospheric, spaces and material concepts.




_born in 1988 | germany

_carpenter apprenticeship (manufakt Schreinerei  GmbH) 2011 – 2013 | currently studying at Design Academy Eindhoven | major: Man and Identity Department | minor: Atelier Color / Ceramic

_collaborations: ECCO leather / Swarovski / Ruckstuhl

_awards: competition winner - "Die Gute Form Landkreis Ravensburg / recognition - "Die Gute Form" Landeswettbewerb Badenwürtemberg

_contact: julica.morlok@me.com