julica morlok
virtual materiality soft ceramics waiting landscapes
positive restrictions
ecco leather aged colour swarovski lightcolour subculture laundry bench sit&play soap dispenser modular shelf ||| modular shelf [] material trials about
positive restrictions: | 2016

Collaboration with Maud Flamand and Lorette Cole Duprat


In our fast changing world, the number of information, social and digital interactions grows unstoppably. It will keep growing and pushing us to speed up our lives, competing with the beat new technologies are giving us today.


We ignore our natural rhythm and consequently suffer from feeling of stress, disorientation and loneliness. What we urgently need is a space of balance, a place where we can focus on our fundamental needs and that guides us through a process of such. A space, that gives time for social interaction and enhances them, as well as gives time to be alone and to become aware of our personal condition and our needs.

A forecast about the need for spatial guidance in domestic areas.