julica morlok virtual materiality
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virtual materiality |2017

Virtual Materiality plays with features of human anatomy.

Three seating objects are given body characteristics like transparent skins, bonelike structures and uncontrolled organic shapes, turning them into creatures themselves. Triggering attraction and repulsion at the same time, they become weirdly interesting and surprising. A surrealistic world is appearing, where bones become flexible, metallic structures have a soft touch and cocoon around your body, insights are revealed and change colour by use and interaction.


Virtual Materiality is a reaction to the development of everything around us becoming “alive” through digitalisation. In the computer-generated world we can turn material into abstract bodies that behave like living organisms, many of them showing features we know from our own bodies.

By materializing this development I am showing how our surrounding could develop into abstract body-like shapes that leaves behind the traditional form language that we have come to understand. The way we relate to these new “living” things can change the way we interact with our surrounding. These creatures are now becoming touchable and soft while sensual aspects provoke strong emotional feelings.


I developed a technique of stretching latex sheets around foam parts that I developed in cooperation with the polyurethane foam manufacturer Recticel in Kesteren.