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julica morlok waiting landscapes
waiting landscapes | 2017

I want to turn public waiting areas into public gathering space. The central location of stations and airports, make them a convenient place for public meetings and activities and our new lifestyle of flexible working possibilities and smaller living space askes for new room in the public.


To make theses spaces more lively and adaptable to the always-changing constellation of users, I am introducing a space concept that allows furniture’s to be moved by the user within a tiling system. The user becomes the shaper. Different rooms can be created in every moment. Working landscapes can turn into playgrounds and space for activities other then consuming would be provided. The opportunity to become an active role in the public and to be able to take responsibility will create a greater connection to the space. The always-changing aspect will draw your attention to what is around you and interactions will be part of the change.


This system brings adaptability to the users but also for planners and architects. It can be introduced to every different kind of building and space and the furniture’s are shapeable or exchangeable according to the different needs and moments. Colour and material are easier to adapt, can be created in a playful way and according to the changing demand in aesthetics.

With Waiting Landscapes I propose to introduce bright colours into our public sphere. Concrete and stone material for the tile would be combined with bright coloured and round furniture. Materials can change depending on the location from hard plastics for the outside to transparent bouncing material and fabrics for locations like airport lounges.  A flickering colour play will invade the public landscape.